A Run-down of the #MayCreate iPhoneography Project

The #MayCreate project started because I wanted to learn more about iPhoneography. I posted on FB that I was going to take and edit one pic a day and my friend, Danielle, asked if she could play too. Of course! It's much more fun with friends. We decided we needed a hash(#)tag - because - everyone has a hash(#)tag. And we came up with #MayCreate.

This is my run-down of what happened, what I learned and how much crazier I am now than I was when we began.

The thing about iPhoneography (or Droidography) that I didn't understand when I began and I still can't quite grok is that the possibilities are limitless. My final pieces ranged from...


to Mundane...

to Pretty...

to Magical.

And I only scratched the surface of all of these. There are many many more directions, styles, and aesthetics to explore. I also have an iPhoneography Gallery available if you want to see all the pics. 

The deepest learning wasn't about how specific apps work or how to hold the iPhone. The deepest learning came from having a daily creative practice and staying accountable to that practice. Anyone who has ever become good or great at anything got there by practice - doing the same thing over and over again until the basics were part of who they were - and by practicing the basics over and over again even after they thought they had mastered them.

I like to call it the rinse and repeat method of artistry.

Here's a list of what I learned: (this list will continue to expand)

  1. I can set a goal, begin it, and complete it. That's a big freakin' deal!
  2. A good picture or a good edit always teaches you how much more there is to learn.
  3. Creating something unexpected is thrilling.
  4. Creating something pretty or magical makes me smile.
  5. Keep it simple - set out to take one picture, edit that picture and post that ONE picture every day. More will happen so let it happen, but know one is plenty.
  6. You can pay as much or as little as you want - on education, materials, and tools - and you can still learn and improve and end up better than you were when you started.
  7. Learning a different app (way to do what you want to do - because there's always more than 100) will disrupt old comfort zones and create new ones.
  8. You can travel light and still have a studio. You don't need anything more than one tool that you always have with you - an iPhone, a notepad, a pencil, a sketchbook, or a camera - to have a daily creative practice. Pick your tool and go!
  9. Having a friend on the journey is immensely valuable and comparison is futile. Danielle has a different aesthetic than me - that doesn't make mine any less than hers. Both of us shared our vision (our voice) with our friends and both of our voices were valued, appreciated, needed - and we each made the other better because we were there for each other doing it together.
  10. I can't wait to do more, explore more, learn more.

#JuneCreate will continue with iPhoneography. In June we're each featuring the same subject in daily photos. For #JulyCreate we're going to tell a story in a series of daily photos. Here's my subject for #JuneCreate: meet Baby Buddha. He's a little Buddha statue that sits on my desk in my office. This month he'll be traveling around town with me and getting his picture taken anywhere and everywhere.

Here's his first picture in the raw - no edits:

And here he is in the final version - same pic all app-ed up:

More to come.