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Hello! I'm working on updating Disbelief Suspended every day. You may not see much evidence of that, but it's happening. Some of the work is tedious and most of it gets tossed out at the last minute. 

The upshot is. Disbelief Suspended will be leaner. I hope I can stick to that. I love to add more and more and more, but I'm trying to restrain myself. The About & Why page is updated! Finally!

I'll be adding more about Creatively Fit with links to classes and coaching opportunities this month. There will also be a resources section with book reviews, etc. Maybe a book club!?!

I made this on my iPhone using ArtRage for iPhone.

In the meantime the DIY MFA is offline, but it will be making an appearance in a different format very soon.

The Performance Lab is no more. I took the webpage down and the FB page should be going offline shortly. It takes FB approximately 14 days to remove a page. Letting go of The Performance Lab is sad and liberating at the same time. My goal is to create white space - blank canvas - in my life so I can play and explore with an entirely new vision. Well, not entirely new, but very much evolved vision.

I'm also resigning from the Columbia Entertainment Company Board of Directors as soon as I have completed my duties as Chair of the Play Selection Committee - this month or next depending on how the Board rolls with our recommendations. More white space.

I hear crickets.

All of this letting go, is sad and happy at the same time. I don't want to lose connection to my friends from the theater crowd because I love them! I do! And, at the same time, I'm being called to a new adventure and I have to honor that. I know. I've written about this before, but part of the process of me letting go is reiterating the what and why. I'm not trying to convince myself or anyone else - but I'm finding that I do need to reaffirm my purpose so I can keep moving forward.

Moving forward to more art, more writing, more creating, more work with Creatively Fit and the wonderful Creatively Fit coaches, more exploration. I'm making a map while I'm moving through new terrain. Just like Lewis and Clark!

Technical Update: when I exported Disbelief Suspended to the new format - many of the posts didn't get imported. I will be importing some of them manually - and some of them will just blow away into the nether of the interwebs.

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