Beginning Again. Again.

I just deleted a super long (and probably very boring) blog post by accident. So i'm beginning again. And it's kind of funny that the blog post I was writing was mostly about beginning again - again.

I'm always beginning again.


On my latest journey and exploration with iPhoneography:

We, my friend Danielle and I, are on our fourth month of posting one photo a day. We began in May and here we are in the middle of August! The focus for August is on light. Here's my latest:

Light Deconstructed: edited with Pixlrexpress, Mextures, Glaze, Blendr and Snapseed

Light Deconstructed: edited with Pixlrexpress, Mextures, Glaze, Blendr and Snapseed

This one is a departure from my usual style. I think that's why I like it. It's completely abstract even though it started out as a very literal photo of squares of light on a carpet. 

That's what I love about this journey - the possibilities are seemingly infinite. 

There's a collective of inspiration that seems to be flowing into my life:

The DeviantART community.

Digital Inspiration magazine.

and last but not least my compadre, Danielle.

And I'm making a decision of sorts about where to go next. Actually, it's probably less a decision than it is me just having ended up pointed in this direction by a series of aha! moments, random explorations, and by haphazardly diving down interesting and curious looking rabbit holes. 

Since my art room - where the real paint lives - has been mostly torn apart by flood and renovation, I have been relying on the tools I have at my fingertips for creative expression, play and experimentation - and - I've decided to go ALL IN digital.

My first experiment will be to translate some of the art class assignments to Photoshop and Artrage. To see what I can replicate, what I can add, and what the new limitations bring. 

Curiouser and curiouser. More to come.

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