Self-portrait No. 2: The Turquoise Flower

This is self-portrait No. 2 for the #NovemberCreate un-selfie iPhoneography project. I learned today that human anatomy is especially difficult to photograph. I was hoping for a fist bump kind of thing and ended up with a decapitated pinkie finger. Oh, well. Everything you see on this blog is trial and error and try again. 

See the little turquoise flower ring? I've had that ring since I was in 5th grade. I was raised in West Texas and turquoise was all the rage there back in the day. I still love the ring and turquoise is one of my favorite colors to paint with. 

Even though the fist is distorted I like the idea of the fist in front of my face. I've always had the desire to be tougher than I am and I've always been tougher than I appear makes sense to me for this series. 

The Turquoise Flower by Kirsten Malinee. Edited with Pixlrexpress, CameraAwesome, Glaze, Brushstroke, Scratchcam, and Snapseed.

Let me get a little technical here and think aloud through the apping process:

  1. Cropped and color corrected in Pixlrexpress.
  2. Went to CameraAwesome to add some texture in the hopes of editing my right nostril out of the pic without cropping again. But I used a filter to fade it instead - which made the turquoise ring pop a bit more.
  3. Opened Glaze just to play and got a comic book kind of effect going.
  4. Wondered what would happen if I layered Brushstroke on top of Glaze and it amplified the comic book color effect.
  5. It was still too clean so I opened Scratchcam and found a scratch layer that lined up perfectly with the flower. I liked the way it moved the eye to the ring even more.
    (As I continued editing and layering, I realized the little pinkie finger was looking more and more decapitated. I toyed with the idea of taking a different picture or trying a different angle of the fist, but it's really hard to take a picture of your right fist with your left hand especially when you're right-handed so I  gave up and decided to let it be what it was. I may have to invest in a tripod and remote switch. Hrmmmmm.)
  6. After Scratchcam and the failed retakes, I decided it was time to finish it off with Snapseed for some sharpening and a frame - still hoping to get rid of that right nostril. Almost succeeded, but there's still a bit of nostril in the final edit. 

There you have it. The run down of the process. Like I said above, it's not really a process - it's trial and error and try again. I also took the pic into some apps that I ended up not using in the final edit. The first lesson I learned about iPhoneography - the hard way I might add - is to save every edit along the way.

I now have 22 pictures of The Turquoise Flower on my iPhone. I'll delete most of them, but the process can eat up a ton of memory. The one piece of equipment I've invested in other than the iPhone itself is my Mophie. It has 32 GB of memory. All photos spend purgatory on my Mophie until they ultimately get deleted or go to live on the big computer on my desk for eternity.