Self Portraits?: November iPhoneography Project

I'm thinking about delving into self-portraits for the November iPhoneography project (a.k.a. #NovemberCreate). But, I'm hesitant because the interwebs seem to be overwhelmed with selfies. So I'm thinking these self-portraits will be not-selfies or un-selfies. In other words they'll be different kinds of self-portraits that say a little bit more about mood, self-perception, and ... who knows what - something else intangible that I can't think of a noun for.

To start it off - this one is called Shadow. That's an un-selfie self-portrait, right?

Shadow by Kirsten Malinee. Edited on my iPhone with Pixlrexpress, Scratchcam, Glaze, and Mextures.

Self-portraiture is a frightening proposition for me because I hate most pictures of me. I delete most pictures of me. I usually look stoned, or goofy, or crazy-eyed and I'm very judgmental about my appearance. I'm also determined to get over that judgmental angst and move on to some kindness and compassion. And I do have flashes of self-acceptance about my body, but it's still an ongoing love/hate negotiation that hasn't been resolved. It's one of those journey things that we all have to take in our lifetimes. You know - two steps forward, one step back. The long and short of it is: looking at a picture of myself makes me feel incredibly exposed and vulnerable - and oogy. Let's not forget oogy. And I'm hoping this project will be a turning point in this ongoing love/hate negotiation.

I'm not looking for any reassurance or kindness. Really. This iPhoneography project isn't about me needing external validation of any kind. It's about busting through a comfort zone in an artsy-fartsy expressive kind of way. I'm all about busting comfort zones. And I'm all about artsy fartsy! I'm guessing you might know that about me already. If you're here, I'm also guessing you might be a wee bit artsy fartsy yourself.

And - another reason for focusing on self-portraits is - November is my birthday month! Yup. Scorpio. Go figure. I'm turning 49 which doesn't feel like a big deal - approaching 50 feels like a bigger deal - but I'm also not fussing about it as much as I thought I would. So...self-portraits? The question mark is part of the proposition. Anyone wanna join me? You don't have to use an iPhone - anything you can take a pic with will do.