One Sheet: Purpose, Strengths, and Core Desired Feelings

Still working on the 2015 DIY Planner! Yup! It's my favorite W.I.P. - truly. Since I have the guts of the planner basically worked out, I've been focused on the Goals section. I've made some changes and updates since the last time I shared - which I believe was the post on Current Reading and a 2015 Planner Update. That's when I added the blog planning section. Since then, the blog planning section has been incorporated into the main calendar section.

I'm going to give myself to the end of December to continue testing and revising before I finalize it and go through the whole thing again. I'm testing it by using it every day so I can dump what doesn't work and add what I think I need.

I guess you could say the planner is still in Beta.

So ... focusing on the goals section:

I need to back up a bit. About three years ago I took a class called Optimal Living 101. The instructor, Brian Johnson, is the founder of the En*theos Academy for Optimal Living. In the course, Brian outlined a daily journaling practice in which you follow a series of steps:

  1. Write down your highest/ultimate purpose - as you understand it to be today.
  2. Write down your virtues.
  3. Write down your fundamental practices - the daily habits that keep you energized and grounded.
  4. Write down you "Right Now" goal(s).

Brian's 'virtues' are what I call strengths - the talents unique to the operating system you were born with. I can't think of a better way to define 'strengths' right now other than the way you operate and perceive the world and the natural skills and talents that you use to navigate your world. 

In his course, Brian suggests taking the free V.I.A. Strengths Inventory. This test is based on Martin Seligman's work on Positive Psychology. I'm taking the first course in a series of classes in Positive Psychology through Mizzou Online right now. We were also required to take the V.I.A. Strengths Inventory and the Strengths Quest assessment for that class. I have to say, after taking both of these assessments, that I'm stunned at how 'on the spot' and 'right on' they are. I was hoping I would have a little something to argue about after taking the tests, but nope. They nailed it.

Anyway, in my journaling and while I'm focused on goal setting for 2015, I found myself gravitating back to Brian Johnson's journaling practice from the Optimal Living 101 course. So I decided to create what I'm calling a One Sheet for myself with my purpose, strengths, and Core Desired Feelings (CDF) from Danielle Laporte's book, The Desire Map - all listed on one piece of paper for me to look at daily while I'm journaling and planning.

This will help me stay in touch with basics of me while I'm crafting goals. If a goal isn't connected to my Core Desired Feelings - that means it's probably not really mine. It's probably more of a 'should' - something I think I should do in order to be a good girl, or nice, or 'balanced' and 'well rounded'. If a goal doesn't align with my strengths, I'll probably struggle. A challenge is fine, but struggle is sticky and icky and I don't want to go there unless this goal really jives with my Core Desired Feelings and/or my Purpose.

So here it is! My One Sheet ready to go in the planner.

Here's the detail. I used Tangie Baxter's Tangible Plans system to create the page. I went through several iterations - that just didn't work. Finally, the One Sheet ended up being much simpler than I originally envisioned.