Beyond Measure: Let's Mark Art, Not War!

This is my first photo-manip/digi-collage inspired by the DeviantArt community. Credits are listed below the image. If you are looking for models and stock images to explore digi-collage and photo-manip, I highly recommend getting involved with the DevianArt community. Many of the stock elements and model images are free as long as you provide credit. (Always read the Terms of Use for the collection you want to use - each artist has their own requirements.) 

I've also found the DeviantArt community to be very welcoming. There are artists with all levels of experience and skill in the community. I could spend hours browsing the galleries looking for imagination fodder. Fair warning though, DeviantArt allows artists to explore all kinds of subject matter - check your settings if you don't want to see the racy stuff or the horror stuff. But, please don't let that 'fair warning' prevent you from visiting. The art you will find is incredible, the resources are abundant, and I've experienced nothing other than kindness and encouragement from the community.

Beyond Measure was intended as a criticism of the constant measurement, comparison, and manipulation of female bodies. Also I had recently watched Divergent with my kiddo so I was really feeling this dystopian color scheme.

Measurement, comparison, labeling and judging are subjects frequently on my mind. I think these acts comprise one of the worst temptations we face as humans and one of the most scarring things we can do to each other - to label and judge bodies, to label and judge our creativity, to label and judge... 

Also - I have to say it - I think Photoshop gets a bad rap. Photoshop is not evil, but what people do with Photoshop sometimes borders on evil. 

Okay, I'm off my little soapbox now. The summary is: Let's make art, not war.

Blue Silk Stock by Maria Amanda (Concept by FaeStock) Photographer: Jan Holte Teller
Studio Tangie-Tangie Baxter: Cartography Set, Sparkle elements

Textures: Wonderful Magic Stars by Kim Klassen, Cardboards by Pink Lotty from Studio Girls Scrapbook Graphics.