Setting Goals? Hearing the word "Can't"? Cue the Teenage Rebel!

I've been setting goals for 2015 and actually making quite a huge production out of it. As I'm want to do because I find drama highly entertaining and energizing - when it isn't being inflicted on me by anyone other than me or a good playwright. 

I've discovered that I've made a lot of rules about what I can and can't do. Actually I'm not sure if I made the rules or if I just inherited them, absorbed them from the ether of my upbringing, or built them brick by brick using self-consciousness as mortar. Most of these rules seem to be focused on keeping my audacious self in check. 

Let me share a little drama to demonstrate:

Scene: Kirsten is sitting in the sun-room with her notebook in her lap and at least two or three pens and highlighters scattered about. She's wearing her PJs and has her feet up on the ottoman. Her dog, Annie, on the floor next to her is gnawing on a bone with the intensity of a recently resurrected dinosaur who's been buried in a tar pit without food for thousands upon thousands of years. We see Kirsten write something in her notebook. Her expression is fierce. We see her eyes sparkle with excitement.

We hear the following dialogue in voice-over while Kirsten continues to write.

Kirsten: In 2015 I declare myself to be an artist.

The voice of the Rule-maker joins the dialogue. Surprisingly the Rule-maker's voice sounds exactly like Kirsten's voice.

Rule-maker: You can't do that.

We see Kirsten cross something out in her notebook.

Kirsten: In 2015 I declare myself to be a business owner.

Rule-maker: That's impossible. You can't do that.

We see Kirsten cross something out in her notebook.

Kirsten: In 2015 I declare myself free of binge-eating and over-drinking.

We hear the voice of the Rule-maker ROFL.
We see Kirsten cross something out in her notebook.
There's a tense pause.

Kirsten stops writing and the scene slowly fades to black.

And so it goes.

It's pretty obvious that the Rule-maker (however this character was created) is full of baloney. 

Rule-maker (as an aside): Kirsten would use a word stronger than baloney, but you can't curse in your blog.

What's the antidote? What's a 49 year old girl with a pen and a dream to do? 

Let the Teenage Rebel enter stage right! The Teenage Rebel is confident that she doesn't know all the answers, but she doesn't care. She has no worries. She's taking it as it comes - one day and one moment at a time.

Note: the Teenage Rebel does NOT smoke,
but she could enter on a motorcycle
like Meatloaf in The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Right here, right now, she's invincible and she's armed ... with questions.

Why? or Why not?

You don't know where this road goes. So what? (Interpretation: You may not know how to achieve a goal or how a dream may come to be, but that doesn't mean you can't make it yours and begin it.) Is it a journey that excites you? Does the idea of it thrill you? Do you want it? Are you willing to get on your bike and ride?

Note: Does anyone else hear Freddie Mercury singing? 
Definitely include the motorcycle in this scene.

Are you willing to learn as you go? Are you willing to not know all the answers? Can you ask for help? Are you willing to make mistakes? Talk to strangers? Fail? Try again? Yes? Write it down and make it so. Moving on.

Who says?

Who the hell is this Rule-maker anyway. How does he/she/it know what's possible and what's not? What has he/she/it ever done? Isn't this Rule-maker you? That's your own damn voice you're hearing in your head, isn't it? Well, then - that means you can un-make the rules, doesn't it? Moving on!


Now! Dot it now! Or schedule a freakin' deadline. Whatever. Get started. None of us is getting any younger here. Moving on!

And so it is. 

In 2015 I declare myself to be an artist, a business owner, and free of binge-eating and over-drinking. 

Damn, that feels good!

Oh, and for extra happiness, here's a pic of Annie with her bone. :) Happy goal setting and intention making, ya'll!


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