The Creative Freedom Project Mission Iginition

Q: Why is the night sky beautiful?

A: Because all the stars are shining.

This month has been focused on planning, goal setting and visioning. That means a lot of questioning. The word, "Why", has been popping into my head over and over again in my journal: 

I want amp up the Creative Freedom Project blog.


Because it's important to me.


You get the idea, right? It was time for some answers to the proverbial question, "What's the point?" So here it is - in case you've been wondering - the Vision & Purpose for The Creative Freedom Project:

The revolutionary mission of The Creative Freedom Project is to inspire and incite everyday acts of creativity 
& create a more beautiful world.
A beautiful world is a world that works for everyone.
Remember, the night sky is beautiful
because ALL the stars are shining.

I am convinced art, expression, and connection can make the world more beautiful. The most mind blowing (and the simplest) thing I learned from Creatively Fit is that we are the artists of our lives. The act putting paint on canvas, swirling it around, and playing with color and form is an audacious and powerful act.

It can feel overwhelming to begin a thing - especially if you've never painted before (like me) or built a business before (like me), but one layer at a time something beautiful emerges. And we realize we have the power to make something that didn't exist before. And, if we can do it on the canvas, why not paint a bigger picture - a picture that reaches beyond the canvas - into our lives and the lives of others.

In an effort to make this world a world that works for everyone (and in my usual cart before the horse style), I've signed on to be a fundraiser for the A21 Campaign. This website has a new page. I call it the freedom page. The A21 Campaign exists to abolish injustice, end human trafficking, and put a stop to modern day slavery. The have a four P plan: Prevention, Protection, Prosecution, and Partnership

In 2015, I've pledged to donate 10% of any income earned from this blog to the A21 Campaign. I'll make the donations quarterly and post a running tab on the freedom page. There's no money flowing in right now (this is where the cart enters stage right before the horse), but in the near future, there will be art and classes, coaching opportunities, a teeny weeny ebook-let - and who know what else will appear. All of it focused on inspiring artful action, creative freedom, and radical acts of painting on and beyond the canvas.

I've set a high fundraising goal for someone who has earned a total of $0.00. My 2015 fundraising goal is $500.00 - which means my earning goal is ... GULP!  I hope you'll cheer me on and join me. Let's make this world shiny!


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