Itsy Bitsy Planner Hack

I found another reason to adore the Arc System Notebook! I can change my mind whenever I like - without warning. I can revise 'at will' and on the fly. Actually any notebook that lets you take out and add pages whenever the mood strikes will work - filofax, 3-ring binder, arc, or circa. 

So ... my itsy bitsy planner hack ... one of these things is not like another ... wait for it ...

No more bubbles on the Emergent Task Planner!

I left the bubbles on the scheduling side because I use those and they really help me out with time tracking and planning tasks without overbooking myself, but those bubbles on the task lines weren't working for me so I did a little edit in Photoshop. As much as I love these pages, I found myself writing around the bubbles almost every day. I write big - which is why I use an 8.5 X 11 planner.

It made me sad to do it, but I even started looking for a different daily page because the bubbles were making me that bonky. And I wasn't using them the way David Seah intended them to be used. So I looked and looked, but I didn't find anything mostly because I adore everything else about The Emergent Task Planner. One of the main attractions for me is that it isn't fussy and doesn't force me to divide tasks into categories like: "Home" "Chores" or "Meal Planning". I want to make my own categories if and when I want them.

Are you sensing a little defiance here? I don't like being boxed in - or bubbled in.

Then, late yesterday afternoon, it hit me; "I wonder what would happen if...I were able to do a little edit?" So I opened Photoshop and trial and error and try again and, "Ta Daaa!" My favorite planner page sans bubbles.

How's you planner coming along? If you've put it on Pinterest, leave me a comment and let me know. I've been adding planner pins every day.