Halloween Triptych

Happy Halloween! I can't believe we only have a few hours left in October 2014! Whoosh!

Silly story: I was driving down my street yesterday and a black cat started to cross the road in front of me and, when it saw my car, it turned around and went back the other way! I have to say I was a tad insulted that the black cat was scared to cross my path - or scared to let me cross it's path. How is that curse supposed to work again?

Anywho - I made a little Halloween Triptych to celebrate the day. This was one was edited with Pixlrexpress, Mextures, Repix, ShockMyPic, and Scratchcam. 

October Trees by Kirsten Olson Malinee

Here's the gallery of photo edits I used for the triptych:

I haven't played with ScratchCam in a while and I had lots of fun with it today as my last step in the process. When I began editing the photo this was not the direction I was planning to take it in. I was going to do a light edit on a pretty colored sky with the trees in silhouette. But it is October 31 and my penchant for drama and spooky fun took over. So I made my pretty edit and ... I wanted to play more so I added the ravens with Repix and then finished it off with three different ScratchCam edits. And I couldn't pick a favorite so they all had to be a part of the final product. Ta daa!

Happy Halloween! Stay safe! Stay warm! Eat ALL the candy!!!