Exciting Things Flowing Forward

It's time for an update on what's what.

iPhoneography is still my primary art-full creative outlet. #OctoberCreate - has been focused on the season and art found in nature.

Our home renovations are almost complete which means my art room will come back online in the near future. I'm getting antsy about it - like a kid impatient for Christmas. Since we're combining the art room and the office in a much smaller space, I know I'll have to let go of some of the junk I've been storing and hauling around with me for years and years - there's something exciting about that too even though I know I'll be confronting tons of resistance. TONS OF RESISTANCE! No kidding.

New Projects!

Two exciting projects are in the works! First, I'll be teaching a one credit hour course for the MU Theatre Department next semester. The course is reuniting me with one of my loves, Psychodrama. And double extra bonus: I will be supervised by my friend, mentor, and teacher - Louise Lipman. My fingers are crossed that I'll finally be able to sit for my certification exam with the ASGPP - in the next three to five years. 

The second project is called Verbatim, the brainchild of my bestie, DeeDee Folkerts! Verbatim will combine writing, psychodrama, and storytelling. We have a date in mind for our first workshop and storytelling event shortly after the first of the year. Stay tuned! This is the project I've been waiting for my whole life. It's not like anything I've done before - except for the psychodrama part. It has a high learning curve and we're building as we go - which means we're not going to sit around waiting to reach a certain perfection before we launch. We're launched!

Here's a little pic we made on Sunday so we could launch our FB community page.

Those are DeeDee's hands on the typey thingy. Typing a shocker of a story. :)

Those are DeeDee's hands on the typey thingy. Typing a shocker of a story. :)

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