In Jr. High Again

It's 7:30 am. I'm sitting in math lab while my daughter works on her math homework. All the cool kids are here. At least all the cool kids in Algebra I Honors. It's all Greek to me. Today is Parent's Day at school. My daughter has reiterated a couple of times (approximately 18 times) that I don't need to stay for the whole entire day. I love torturing her with my constant presence.

8:56 am

We're in PE. God, I hated PE when I was in school. Emma's experience seems to be similar. It's Badminton today. They offered to let the parents play. I said I was afraid I might injure someone - myself.

9:39 am

English. Today is 'free reading' day. So they sit and read whatever they want. I would have liked to see this class in action. Last year reading and writing were Emma's favorite subjects. This year she seems to be bored. She's in an honors class and it seems to be almost remedial.


Algebra. Something about y intercepts, slopes, and points. I like the way my kid applies herself to the task at hand. She even managed to focus in science I'm spite of a chatterbox lab partner.

These kids are speaking algebra. I don't understand a word they are saying. But they sound like smart curious kids.


I'm taking refuge in Michael's while Emma is in choir rehearsal. I have always wanted to peak into my kid's life and I'm grateful I had the opportunity today. I am humbled by how smart and kind these teenagers are. If I had it to do over again, I hope I would be as gracious and engaged as the teachers were and as curious and excited as the kids were.