My Crazy Morning Was Better Than My Neighbor's

Going off-topic here for a personal crazy morning update. Let me start by saying my crazy morning was not nearly as crazy as my neighbor's was when she backed her car out of her driveway and into the front of my house. She wasn't hurt. Thank God! Here's how it started. I was late to work because I couldn't wake myself up this morning. My husband took my daughter to school and woke me up before he left, but I went back to sleep. Instead of taking my melatonin last night, I took two Advil PM. Knocked. Me. Out.

Finally I was up and getting ready around 9:00 am. I was in the bathroom putting on my face and I heard a car engine revving. It was loud. I thought, "Holy crap! Who is driving like a maniac?" Then I heard tires squealing. Then there was what sounded like an explosion. Our house shook and pieces brick flew into the hallway.

At this point - still in my bra and undies with half of my face on - I was running down the hall with a 30 pound dog in my arms saying, "Shit. Shit. Shit. We gotta get out. Shit. Shit. Shit." The dog and I freaked the hell out for about 15 seconds - which felt like at least 5 minutes until I got it together enough to toss her in the backyard, grab my robe and run out the front door.

I made three phone calls. The first to 911. Then to my husband. Then to my office. All three conversations went like this:

Me:  Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Husband:  What's wrong.

Me:  Our neighbor drove her car into our house.

Husband:  What?

Me:  Our neighbor drove her car into our house.

Me:  Hi. My neighbor drove her car into our house.

Co-worker:  What?

Me:  My neighbor drove her car into our house.

(Sirens in the background.)

Me:  I gotta go. Fire truck is here.

My dog, Annie, was still a little freaked when I left the house - after the fire department, police department, EMT's, the Tow-truck dude, and Stanley Steamer came to visit.

Here's the slideshow. I reiterate. My neighbor was NOT hurt. She walked home.

2012-11-07 09.33.06

This doesn't look like much of an issue. Just a bad parking job.

2012-11-07 09.32.33

Okay, now we have a problem.

2012-11-07 09.29.39

And from the inside it looks like this.

2012-11-07 09.54.21

They're towing the car away. And we have a lovely new outdoor indoor patio area.

2012-11-07 10.01.25

The outside-in view.

She is so lucky she wasn't hurt! I hope your crazy morning was better than mine and especially better than my neighbor's crazy morning.