About the Header: Here They Be Dragons


The image for my header is from a digital collage I made for the 2012 Art Journal Caravan.

The Art Journal Caravan is taught/facilitated by Tangie Baxter. You can find out more about Tangie, her amazing art and her generous teacherly loveliness at Studio Tangie Baxter. Time is running out on the 2012 Art Journal Caravan, but the link above the image will take you to Studio Girls Scrapbookgraphics, where you can still get the 2012 version and where there will hopefully be news about the 2013 Caravan in the near future.

There are two versions of my header image. The non-journal image:


And the image with journaling:


The journaling says:

If anyone said to me (or to my daughter) the things I say to myself, I would fly into a rage-tizzy. "God! You're fat!" "You look so dumpy." "I don't recognize you." Most of it focuses on body image unfortunately. Body image is a preoccupation of mine. How can I transform this? I haven't. I simply ignore it. But, sometimes the noise - the programming - gets so loud, I can't ignore it. I'm tired of the refain. Again, how can I transform it? "You look beautiful." "You are beautiful." "You are a lovely human being." I look beautiful. I am beautiful. I am a lovely human being. Hearing those words, even on paper, makes me cry a bit. I am lovely. I am the only one who can set myself free.

What did she say!?! I've been using the prompts from the Art Journal Caravan to help me express pieces of my ongoing internal drama with words and images. To match the words to the images and the images to what I think and feel. I have a lot of what I call "Body Drama" issues. And I suppose those will show up in my projects as I continue to explore. It's frightening for me to share some of the thoughts and feelings I have about my body, but, for the most part, I find that there are lots of other people out there who can relate. And they seem to appreciate it when I share from the gut - so to speak.

Image Credits:

I didn't create the images in the collage. Those were created by several artists who made them available for people like me to purchase and play and explore with. Here are the credits for the artists:

I will include as many links as I can so you can purchase them if you love them too.

Victorian Dolls: “Jumping Jill” - Articulated Art Doll Bits created by Rachel Verdi aka Orachel

Paper: Deviant Scrap, Crowabout StudioB, Dreamstage Kit (3 different links included in this credit)

From Studio Tangie at Scrapbookgraphics: Dragonfly: Midsummer Night's Dream Kit Circle element: AJC11 - Parcel 50 Grid: Tangible Plans Starter Kits and Workshop Dragon: Journey 12 - Vintage Stamps Brain Stamp: Journey 12 - Cartography Set 3 Other element: Art Journal Caravan 2012 Parcel 7